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At MIH, we provide you with a good environment to work, in which you will grow. We offer you 3 areas of growth – at work, in your career and personal growth.

Meeting Space At work, you can expect training when you first join and when you have been here for a while. When you first join, there is a mentoring system whereby you are being introduced to the company, and your area of work. Internal and external trainings are available to improve one’s technical skills. We encourage you to seek leaders in the company for their guidance and coaching to help you learn and grow at work.

We understand your need for career development. You will find work rewarding in our meritocracy system, in which your career path will be charted as we grow.

Most importantly, we are concern about your personal growth. As people are our greatest asset, we provide you with opportunities for achievements. Within our work environment, you will also develop good work ethics, discipline and commitment to excellence. In addition, we are also open to new ideas that will contribute to the growth of the company, ideas which you get to lead to fruition.

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Our People

There is a common trait that identifies our people. It is our attitude and character.

Our people’s attitude is dedication to excellence in their area of work that gives us the passion to the projects we do. Having the focus, everyone works together and is committed to each other in a team.

Building on the attitude, our people is easily identified as hardworking, willing to learn and contribute, accountable to our work, and exhibit entrepreneurial spirit.

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Job Opportunities

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